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Contact Information: 
       Telephone: (617) - 697-1784
        Address:   Jim Rooks, 10 Nonantum Road, Marblehead, MA 01945


We try to anticipate questions you might have about joining and participating in B.A.G.S., and provide the answers here. Please do not hesitate to use our contact BAGS page to submit any additional questions or comments you may have. 



Do I need to have a USGA handicap to join ?

NO - we will provide you with a provisional handicap so you can begin competing at your first event.  When you have enough rounds to obtain a handicap, we will submit your scores to the USGA. You will then play off your official USGA - GHIN handicap. B.A.G.S. - RI division is a USGA member club with state affiliation through the Rhode Island Golf Assn. (RIGA)


How much are the entry fees for each event ?

The entry fee for each event varies from $45 to over $100, depending on the course being played.  Entry fee includes green fees, B.A.G.S. prize fund, hole-in-one pool, and tournament administration.   Motor carts are not included in the entry fee, unless the course requires carts as a part of their outing policy. 


How many members are in B.A.G.S. - RI Division, and how many players play in each event ?

For the last several years the Rhode Island Division has maintained a membership of about 235.  Our average field size is about 50 players for weekend events, and 40 players for weekday events.  About 20% of our events are combined with other (MA & CT) B.A.G.S. divisions, which increases the field size and the prize fund.


Am I required to play in a certain number of events ?

There are no minimum or maximum # of events - you may play in as few or as many as suit your schedule.  You may also play in events staged by our Massachusetts division.


Do I need to have a foursome to enter an event ?

You may enter an event with other members or as a single.  You will be paired with other members of similar ability to make up a foursome.


May I request to be paired with certain players ?

Yes - many members enter as a single, and quickly meet other members, and then request to be paired with their new golfing friends when they enter an event.


Are ladies and juniors allowed to join ?

We welcome lady members.  Ladies play off the ladie's tees and compete against the men with an appropriate handicap adjustment.  Juniors age 17 or older are also welcomed to join.


I am a beginner - is B.A.G.S. right for me ?

The maximum handicap allowable is 36 for men and 40 for ladies.  You should be capable of shooting better than 110 on a regulation golf course.  Members should also be familiar with the rules of golf and be able to play 18 holes in less than 5 hours.


How do I establish and/or maintain a USGA - GHIN handicap ?

B.A.G.S. members are required to submit at least 12 18 hole scores, of which at least 5 rounds are from B.A.G.S. competition.  New members with prior GHIN #'s may have their existing score record transfered to B.A.G.S. Once a member establishes his/her handicap, rounds played outside of B.A.G.S. competition may be posted on-line at


How do I obtain my tee time ?

Tee times and pairings are prepared the day before each event and posted on our website and on our voice mail recording.  Members are requested to arrive at the course at least 30 minutes prior to their assigned tee time.


Are all your tournaments played off the longest tees ?

Not usually - Most events consist of two divisions - "A" division players (typically those with handicaps of 15 or less) will usually play off the tees that are equivilant to a par 72 course length of 6,300 - 6,800 yards.  Net "B" players (typically those with handicaps greater than 15) will usually play off the tees that are equivilant to a par 72 course length of 6,100 - 6,500 yards.  The tee selection for each event also depends on the weather, and the particular course set up. 


Does membership in B.A.G.S. - RI division entitle me to particpate in the RIGA invitational events ?

New for 2018 - B.A.G.S. membership, plus a $25 membership fee payable to RIGA, plus an active GHIN handicap (through RIGA) now entitles members to participate in the RIGA weekly events and the various RIGA statewide events run by R.I.G.A. B.A.G.S. members no longer need to join a R.I.G.A. member course "innerclub" to participate in R.I.G.A events. 


I attempt to qualify for state amateur events - will participation in B.A.G.S. events endanger my amateur status ?

B.A.G.S. events comply with the rules of amateur golf. Amateurs are not allowed to win cash paid out of an entry fee, but are allowed to make cash bets.  B.A.G.S. tournament winnings are paid in the form of credit vouchers to offset future entry fees.  Winnings from optional cash wagers (such as gross and net skins) are paid in cash. 

What can I win at a B.A.G.S. tournament ?

The prize fund at each event is about $8 per player (taken out of entry fees) and is paid out to the top finishers in each division.  $1 funds the season long hole-in-one/ closest to pin contest, the rest is paid out to the low gross score and the top finishers in each net division (in a 30 player division, approximately the top 6 will win something). The prizes are paid out in the form of B.A.G.S. credit vouchers, which may be redeemed at any future event.  In addition to the B.A.G.S. tournament prize fund, optional side wagers are available, and are paid out in cash.